Seth Godin Coaching Tim Ferriss

I really loved this episode. Like Tim I struggle with being verbose and I felt that Seth touched a nerve when he expressed it as a fear of being misunderstood:

All I have to do is take my idea and make it shorter." And when we try to do that, resistance kicks in, Pressfield's resistance, and we say, "But I need to clarify this sentence and add a parenthetical to that sentence, or else I will be misunderstood."


I also resonated with the conversation on genre. I feel like over the years I've slowly coalesced on a genre: "things I would text to more than one of my friends," which Seth expresses more elegantly:

If I can show up with something in your bones you know to be true or interesting or worth thinking about, but I can say it in a way that would benefit you if you could share it with your friends and colleagues, that's a great blog post.

I am a little more parenthetical prone than Seth, but it brings me joy to hear this.

I suppose the coaching worked for Tim, because Tim published some short fiction (that honestly doesn't feel like fiction) a few days later.

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