The Sound of Silence

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My friend Grégoire posted a thoughtful piece reflecting on the rarity of silence.

It's more prestigious to be a "knowledge" addict than to admit to wasting hours on social media or playing games.

But in reality, isn't it the same? And sometimes even worse?

Because we fool ourselves into thinking we are doing something meaningful and productive. We stay mildly engaged and don't even rip off the benefits entertainment provides.


There is an interesting yet heinous incentive hidden in this: there was a time where a well-read person could have roughly studied everything, read all the important literature. Sometime in the 1940s the sheer quantity of knowledge surpassed a human lifetime… but leaving the unfair expectation intact.

Now we are in a strange world where you are expected to listen to every NPR podcast and keep track of every trending topic… but never read Anna Karenina.

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