Accessing from Hyper Hotkey

If you've ever sat in a crowded Starbucks, waiting for the burdened wifi to finally deliver the MDN flex container docs, raise your hand. 🤚

For years I have used by Kapeli to access documentation quickly offline. It is a fantastic app and if you spend a lot of time programming on a Mac I really recommend it. While I use it often for referring to the documentation, a surprisingly useful feature is to quickly copy the URL to documentation: I launch it, type css:flex and then press ⌘⌥-B and suddenly the right link is in my clipboard, ready to be sent to someone on slack or pasted into the references of a git commit.

I've been doing a bit more coding on linux and windows, and I missed this functionality. Fortunately provides a 95% as good experience in every browser and cross-platform.

I made a quick change to my hammerspoon setup. The Hyper Key I had associated with Dash now switches to the tab or opens it if nothing is open.

This is a great argument for having your own "shortcut layer:" if you want to change which tool you use you can move it without losing the muscle memory.