One Must Imagine Sisyphus Overwhelmed

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"What's going on?" My wife asked me last night. "I'm not sure" I replied. "I can't put my finger on it, I feel like I'm forgetting something."

I feel asleep still not sure, roused too often by the midnight auditory hallucination of my alarm.

I get this way when I have too many irons in the fire… too many conversations, too many side projects, too many drafts brewing in my digital garden.

Of course, writing helps. So this morning I start a list… it's healthy, right? Admitting I get moody because I'm a mortal creature without the capability to fix everything I see. Remembering I'm not the creator of the cosmos. It won't be a todo list, it'll be a confession!

Between the moment I woke up and put on my jacket and grabbed my pack, here are the things that flitted through my awareness:

  • that closet that's 75% been cataloged and reorganized, but I had to shove it all back in again and now it's 150% worse
  • Bushes that need to be cut back off my fence
  • A self hosted system for storing and syncing contacts because Google has failed me for the last time
  • a season of heavy change at the day job
  • A set of scripts and markdown queries to emulate Things in Obsidian Tasks
  • A doctors appointment for a foot injury that won't heal
  • The infernal blog transition that I've been piddling on for years
  • a fourth rewrite of my nix dotfiles1
  • essays on:
    • UX and Sin in VR/AR
    • my position on AI, surveillance capitalism, and the trust apocalypse
    • Defrauding and the ethics of LLMs
    • a Biblical position on burnout
    • Window management and Yabai
    • My current Obsidian usage
    • The miracle of nix modules
    • Half a dozen scraps of thought around creativity systems
  • The outline of a book on journaling
  • taxes

It's too much!

I am once again Sisyphus, and you must imagine I am not happy.

Two things I must do… I have to wrangle all the things floating around in my head and put them somewhere safe. Then I need to ruthlessly cut this list.

And this little article is a start.

  1. I did knock this over this evening: 

  • 2024-02-20 09:38:14 -0600
    Convert to permalinks

  • 2024-02-12 22:24:26 -0600
    update with small victory

  • 2024-02-12 11:21:19 -0600