Searching Amazon for A Specific Screw

You can use Amazon's photo search app together with a ruler or penny to find precisely sized objects that are otherwise hard to describe.

In 2018 Amazon1 released a camera search tool to help homeowners and businesses identify mechanical parts.

Part Finder is no longer an option in the current Amazon iOS app. It's been absorbed into their fashion-focused Amazon Lens tool, primarily marketed as a slick way to figure out and purchase a copy of a garment.

While there is another custom search filter for narrowing a hardware search, I think the original Part Finder code is still hidden in there and very useful… especially if you don't know what this doohickey is called.

It still works the same: take a picture of the object. While they don't instruct it anymore, it seems like adding a ruler or a common object (the original feature used US coins) helps the system size it accurately.

I can't tell you how many times I searched for this little doohickey. It attaches a frame (apparently called a valance) to our windows. Some of them had broken, and I was looking for a replacement… and I could not think of the right words to google. Finally used Amazon Lens, and I had 15 replacements the next day.

That third option for this guy is 100% correct.

Using a coin like a penny can add more accuracy. I've found it to be pretty reliable at identifying length and even diameter of bolts and screws. (In this case, the second result is 100% accurate.)

  1. I would prefer to support small businesses if I can… but sometimes it's easier to just use the jungle app.