A weekly task list with the Alastair Method

I had never encountered the Alastair system, but I think this could work very well for me and be the secret to a weekly/monthly collection actually working for me.

Rach writes:

The Alastair Method for bullet journaling is when you place some vertical columns next to your list of tasks. The columns could be anything you want to group/organise your tasks by. I choose days. So, I have Monday to Sunday as my columns next to the list. And then, if I plan to do the task on a specific day, I will add a dot to the column. If the task is done, I cross it off in the day I did it and the overall list.

her image of the system

Do I go all in on analog for my tasks next year… tempting…

A weekly task list with the Alastair Method - rachsmith.com

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