The Mystery of the Bloomfield Bridge

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I have never been so fascinated by a bridge in my life. Tyler's enthusiasm for local history is infectious and delightful. It's inspiring and super fun… the lengths to which he goes!

While I am dedicated to this search, I am not about to fly down to Kansas City to dig through federal archives, especially when those documents may or may not be there...

...just kidding. Of course I flew down to Kansas City to dig through the federal archives!

I miss the old internet that was mostly wonderful humans answering questions they posed themselves.

There's also a good warning to ask an expert early in your project… they have hard-earned heuristics:

She told me to stop looking at old documents: "no one writes down the real reason for infrastructure projects." She said I needed to look for people in power. Specifically, if I want to prove my theory, I should look for people who would be connected to both the church and the bridge.

If you like ridiculous researched rants and history (with a touch of UX desire paths!) then give this a read.

The Mystery of the Bloomfield Bridge -