You Should Use: Excalidraw

Excalidraw is a free whiteboarding app I use constantly. Its expressive but simple tooling focuses on collaboration and sense-making instead of obsessing with perfection. It's simply the best.

Simple Tools


If you can hold a marker, you can use a whiteboard. It's a level playing field. Excalidraw is mouse-centric but usable on a touch screen. If you have a screen you can participate.


It has the simplest security model. You can share a unique link, anyone with that link can edit anything. It's straightforward and a delight after doing the permissions dance with so many other tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts

As you may know, I love my keyboard shortcuts and it has really smart shortcuts covering most of it't shortcuts covering most of it's tooling. If nothing else, ⌘⌥-C to copy your selection to clipboard as PNG is perfect for sharing a quick thought in a chat or pasting into a Confluence wiki.

Open Source


Open-source means that I can use a plugin to embed Excalidraw in my Obsidian note-taking app as editable vector illustrations for my notes… I can even modify them on my phone or iPad.

Give it a try next time you find yourself waving your hands in the air on a video-call.

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