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I've been hardstuck on a bunch of essays for months. In no particular order:

  • Creativity vs. Productivity Systems
  • Small Split Keyboard Demo
  • Sketchnoting Sermons
  • VR is a Bag of Holding
  • Last Mile Legalism

The Creativity vs. Productivity Systems article has been gestating since… June 2022. It's embarrassing.

I know it's my perfectionism that is keeping me from progressing. I want them to be perfect… and they have slowly snowballed and congealed just clogging up my creative process. Instead of writing and progressing I mess with a word or two, give up on it being perfect and back away slowly. 🙇

I even have an unpublished short fiction or two… never published any short stories since I was in high school.

I am writing a lot for myself. Random hiking and camping research, some product/UX concepts, some family values documents as I try to be more intentional as a husband and father.

I just need to pick one of the above articles, push it through to completion, and start unclogging the drain… I just need to pick.

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