The Grug Brained Developer

In the grand tradition of Code Monkey and Up Goer Five this simple source of wisdom is the thing that has made me laugh the hardest… while agreeing vigorously.

apex predator of grug is complexity

complexity bad

say again:

complexity very bad

you say now:

complexity very, very bad

given choice between complexity or one on one against t-rex, grug take t-rex: at least grug see t-rex

complexity is spirit demon that enter codebase through well-meaning but ultimately very clubbable non grug-brain developers and project managers who not fear complexity spirit demon or even know about sometime

one day code base understandable and grug can get work done, everything good!

next day impossible: complexity demon spirit has entered code and very dangerous situation!

grug no able see complexity demon, but grug sense presence in code base

Grug has lots of wisdom. Grug quotes G.K. Chesterton. I want to buy Grug a coffee. Listen to Grug.

The Grug Brained Developer -