And There Arose a Generation Who Knew Not

…And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel.

These are sad words repeated far too often. A season of redemption and victory dying in a whisper because the children of Israel not passing on what they have learned. Growing up I often wondered how this could be? How could someone not share the miracles and wonders they had witnessed?

I have come to understand… and as a young father I am even more burdened by these words.

The precious stories of God's providence and miracles to preserve his people were not passed on to their children… because each story must begin with a painful confession.

"I complained in my hunger. Despite my lack of faith God sent manna."

"I raised my voice to argue we should turn back to Egypt, and God parted the Red Sea."

I am just like those wandering Israelites.

The brightest story of God's redeeming love and providence has the backdrop of my sin and brokenness. I am not Hosea. I am Gomer.

But I don't have to make the same mistake. I am steeling my heart for the day in five, ten, fifteen years when the moment is right to share with my children my most shameful story… but Christ's power revealed. Providence and power all his… glorying in my weakness.

And there will arise a generation who knew the Lord and the work He has done for their father.

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