Export Things to Reminders

So I didn't spend all day… just all morning. 🤣

I've written a working export from Things 3 to Reminders in Apple Shortcuts1. This could let you try that new fancy Fantastical calendar blocking, or just give you an escape route if you choose to use another Task Manager.

Note: This shortcut can take quite a few minutes if you have a large Things database, be patient.

✅ Presently working:

  • Tags
  • Notes
  • Checklist -> Indented Reminder
  • Areas -> Reminders List
  • Projects -> Reminders List
  • Deadline -> Reminder

❌ Not exported (mostly because lack of features):

  • Repeating Todos
  • When (Start Date)
  • Things Reminder
  • Context in Projects
  • Headings
  • Tag Hierarchy

Let me know if this is helpful!

  1. I believe that this will also relatively simply into a Things to Todoist export… so I'll probably work on that next. 

    This isn't the first time I've written an export for Things 3:

  • 2023-05-16 13:04:43 -0500
    Fix app

  • 2023-05-16 10:21:18 -0500
    Article: Export Things -> Reminders