Run Lua in Shortcuts

Hammerspoon provides an action for use in the Shortcuts app. The action is called "Execute Lua" and if it is passed a text block of valid Lua, it will execute that Lua within Hammerspoon.

How in the world have I not read this paragraph before? 🤯 I still stand by my decision to have Headspace work via URLs, but this feature unlocks a whole bunch of big-boy automation.

For instance…

Something I've missed in my transition from 100% Hammerspoon to driving Shortcuts via Raycast is that my old version would close every running app when I ran the space.

I like the practice of knowing that I'm "laying down all my work" at the end of the day, but I haven't found a way to find and kill running application using pure Shortcuts. Using this newly discovered Lua action I can now directly copy my old code into the Shortcut… hey presto!

* scurries off to rewrite a bunch of automation *

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