Middle-Aged Reactions to Teenaged TikTok Filter

I was sucked in to this stream of reaction videos for at least thirty minutes. The videos are emotionally compelling… a bittersweet mixture of loss or catharsis… often mixed with a desire to re-live or comfort their past self.

These reactions are really interesting and sweet… but I can't help wonder if we were given the choice to have everyone's reality goggles see the 3rd gen version of this where we are forever young and beautiful… would we as a culture choose reality or lies?

Kind of a Tower of Babel kinda thing… no one will ever forget us and we will reach the heavens.

But for now… we apparently have a magic time-travel mirror. Do with it what you will.

Found on waxy.org

Middle-Aged Reactions to Teenaged TikTok Filter - twitter.com

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