Weekly Reviews in Things.app Using Shortcuts

Cultured Code released a version of Things with Shortcuts support. I've had a bunch of emails with folks who wanted to be able to use my Weekly Review script on iOS apps. While watching Kate & Leopold I thumb-programmed away in the Shortcuts app and was happy to find that I can 100% replicate the .jxa version in Shortcuts. ๐ŸŽ‰

The download is above, but if you want to understand it a bit so you can modify it, read on.

First we create a project based on today. We use the Magic Variable associated with it in all following Create To-Do and Create Heading Actions to make sure that the To-dos are added to the Project instead of the Inbox.

Using that Project we can add a couple setup To-dos, in this case the ones related to "getting clear."

We then have a nested loop that first loops through all the Areas and then all the Projects within each Area to create a To-do for each Project. I embedded a modified version of Peter Akkie's checklist in a Text object at the top of the Shortcut for easy modification if you want to add or remove some of the items.

There is a few To-dos created at the bottom to help you plan your week. Feel free to modify for your particular needs.

Here's what mine looks like with a little obscuration:

Reach out if you need any help!

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