Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage

I'm always fascinated by arbitrage… while business opportunities can be found in transport or other liminal spaces… so can piracy and skulduggery.

Customers called in saying their pizza was delivered cold. Or the wrong pizza was delivered and they wanted a new pizza.

Again, none of his restaurants delivered.

He realized that a delivery option had mysteriously appeared on their company's Google Listing. The delivery option was created by Doordash.

I'm afraid Silicon Valley thinks this is clever rather than problematic. The harmful practice appears to be part of a "demand test," a sort of product-focused A/B test to determine whether they should partner. I honestly could imagine myself naively initiating such a test, unaware of the harm it could cause.

(Language warning: the original post has a lot of cussing.)

Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage -

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