Keeping a Separate Creativity Computer

I really resonated with Josh Ginter's self-reflection:

[…] there’s some sort of psychological barrier to opening the MacBook Pro lid when it’s time to create.

I have a complicated script to help me enter different "modes", but nothing is as effective as another place on another device. There are other kinds of triggers: I only listen to certain music while doing certain tasks, I go to certain places to handle certain work… whatever works for you. I've had some success with different keyboards.

If I had infinite resources I would have two working desks: one for shallow, and one locked down computer for deep work.

As it stands, I’m grateful for the mental block between my MacBook Pro and the creative work I need to complete. It provides some separation between office-work and side-gig-work. It provides a transition from office to home. And, in a way, it provides the opportunity to have some sort of shutdown period each day.

Another great point. I remember hearing CGP Grey saying that in confined spaces he would move his laptop to a different place on the desk, just to have something slightly different to jog his brain.

Great post, and lovely pictures as always.

Keeping a Separate Creativity Computer -

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