Update: RSS Feed Without Links

# This is an RSS-only post. It's a secret! Read more about RSS Club.

Quick Update: I'm planning on experimenting with changing up my monthly link-dump posts (currently found in the links tag) and doing more single posts with commentary... mostly things coming out of my note-taking and zettelkasten.

Just in case some of y'all don't like that, but you still want to read my original content... there's a different RSS feed... it basically blocks the links tag. You can see both of them at the new feeds page.

Since y'all, loyal RSS Club Members, are the "main" audience of the blog... if you have an opinion on this, just let me know.

  • 2022-06-08 11:31:29 -0500
    Rename articles

  • 2021-02-03 14:27:30 -0600
    RSS Feed Update