Drafts to Cardhop

I've fallen in love with Cardhop as a way to keep track of relationships… especially after dumping Facebook.

I'll frequently open Drafts to jot down notes after a chat with someone… prayer requests, interests, whatever. I would then copy / paste it over to Cardhop, but after a month or two of this, I have found a better way. (And no JavaScript!)

It's a simple Drafts action with two steps:

First I grab the body of the draft and stick it in the clipboard.


Second I search open Cardhop, searching for the title of the Draft.


I can now select the right contact in Cardhop, and paste in my notes. Since CardHop has that lovely large Notes field with a "Add Timestamp" button, I can add a time stamp, and paste in my notes.


I'm sure that with some Shortcuts shenanigans, you could achieve the exact same result in Contacts.app as well.

I hope to write more about how I'm using Contacts and Cardhop to keep in contact with people after largely leaving social media… but I need to live in the system for a while first.

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