First Look: Goruck Claymore Sling Bag

Goruck announced a simple clone of the classic Claymore bag for $35, and I ordered one within hours. It arrived today.

For over a year, I have been looking for a small-ish dad bag for church and coffeeshop use… just big enough for a water bottle, book, pen… maybe an iPad. Fully aware that I'm a Goruck fan-boy, but so far it is perfect.

fits up to a field pocket

It is simple: one zippered document pocket, two book sized pockets with small sewn in loops for pens or keychains. The twin front pockets are quite expandable… they pretty much exactly fit a GR1 Field pocket. The ever-present loop field for patches is color-matched and in the front. Simple buckles, no strap adjustment.

it fits in the main pocket of the GR1 like it was made for it.

The minimalism results in a very lightweight and flat profile… it reminds me of the similarly brilliant HPG Tool Roll, although that may just be the coyote colorway. I think it’ll be a perfect “personal item” for on-plane use (whenever we get to do that again!). I am also looking forward to using this on my next long trip… most trips I wind up carrying a small duffel or sling bag for camera, water, snacks when I'm headed to a museum or other location where a huge ruck can draw raised eyebrows… this fulfills that mission wonderfully, and the size of it's pocket means that my existing inserts and organization will work 100%. Is it leaving the path of one bag freedom? Yes. Do I wander the earth out of one bag in zero drop shoes doing ecotourism? No.

bag detail

I'll keep playing with it, but I have every expectation that I'll be loading it up with my mask, iPad and external keyboard for a coffeeshop expedition soon. 👍

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