Plan Your Year

This will be the fourth year my wife and I purchased and used Plan Your Year from The Focus Course. This year I am going paperless… I even spent some time this morning scanning in all the previous year's editions.

I really like this tool. Some quick thoughts:

  • I love that this is a system designed to be used as a family to build a shared vision.
  • It's encouraging to read back over these as an overview. Lots of reasons to praise the Lord for his faithful hand.
  • That which we planned for… largely happened. Even in 2020!
  • Any month we didn't have a design for… fell into default behaviors. Good or bad. (Mostly bad.)
  • Plan Your Year does a great job of balancing personal growth vs. accomplishing projects. Both are critical.

Shawn and the team at The Focus Course built a great tool and wisely modified this version for this specific and stressful year… flipping through its pages I'm excited to learn and grow with my little family, and I recommend it to y'all, especially if you don't have a shared vision for investing your time and talents in 2021.

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