Sketchnotes: UX Vision Intensive

This past week our team attended the Leaders of Awesomeness UX Vision Intensive. Jared Spool led the sessions, and I was very impressed and grateful to the time he gave us for free.

If you want a higher-resolution copy, you can download the pdf.

I struggled with the difference between a vision an an envisionment. If I understand correctly, a UX vision is a depiction of a user's timeless experience, with major friction alleviated by a nearly magic product you are imagining. An envisionment is a near future implementation of a UX vision with possible technology. I have been keeping it straight by saying that Star Trek TOS is a UX Vision, where Star Trek TNG is an envisionment. 🤷‍♂️1

We are super excited to take the lessons to heart and bring a UX Vision to life… talking about that this week. I'm especially looking forward to some of the workshop exercises… "despicable design"2 sounds like fun!

I've been playing around with taking notes in the sketchnotes style for a year or so…3 this digital sketchnote I made in GoodNotes, and am very happy with the tool. It has a good mix of power and simplicity that works really well for me… and even my handwriting is searchable! Highly recommended.

  1. If I'm misrepresenting these, please let me know… I'm a TNG guy myself. 

  2. In Despicable Design, you ask your team the question: "how could we make the users experience worse?" Sort of an ice breaker, and it quickly highlights which elements upon which the user's experience hinges. 

  3. I may go back and find my first couple of sketchnotes. The first 10 were not nearly this good… and the ability of a digital note to zoom and undo makes it a lot easier to make something neat and clean. Just keep at it! 

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