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I'm exploring zettelkasten-esque Creativity Systems. I am attempting to "own" my own data by building out the networked notes in markdown. I'm a vim fan, but I'm looking at other tools too.

I now have an "evergreen" page for recommendations and links: Simple Markdown Zettelkasten

Today was the first day I used the whole revamped SMZ system, and it feels real good.

I've made a few tweaks to it, but the migration script has stayed stable and I haven't needed to run it in a little while… I believe that's over.

The final step was updating my JS actions for my beloved Drafts.

I'm only a couple of weeks into using it, but so far the new version has been much more stable and usable. In the highly unlikely chance that you were using my library to build your actions, here's what's changed:

The "library" step has been renamed to Zettelkasten API. Some of the booknotes specific steps have been moved to another "library" step called Booknotes API.

In the previous version, the library treated the active draft as the "data model." This caused weird heisenbugs related to what functions called draft.update() and which tried to not thrash the view constantly. In the V2, (Zettelkasten API,) the only methods that touch the active Draft object are Zettel.parse(draft) and Zettel.update(). All the other transformations happen on a simple JS object (built by Zettel.parse/1 that takes the form of {meta: { … }, content: "foo" }.

So far this approach has meant much easier debugging and predictability. I'm a fan.

The previous versions had dependencies on "template" drafts that couldn't possibly exist on another person's database… so all the "templates" are now in the actions themselves. I think there's still a dependency on having a workspace named "Booknotes," but that's pretty solvable by an end user.

The use-cases are still about the same. As I move through my day, I throw quotes, links, and snippets of ideas in Drafts. During the daily review at the end of the day I go through Drafts, expand and save the thoughts that need to be saved. The new actions don't add all the kluge metadata that blocks the view of the title until it's saved.

If it's something you are interested in... message me on twitter and I'll try to fix it for you. Until then, add it to Drafts here.

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