One-Button Workout Shortcut

Any area of your life where there are regular patterns or discipline is ripe for automation... like exercise!

Alarming developments...

I’ve going to workouts, and I’ve got a shortcut to remind me to log the workout to Strava. I don’t go every time, so I just figured out a way to automate it: fire the automation only when the alarm I set to attend in the morning goes off.

The automation in the “Do” block looks like:

One button

On all the other days, I used to have a "choose one" shortcut that let me pick what workout I wanted to do from a list. I was using the iOS14 "choose from Shortcut folder" action, so I have separate Shortcuts for each type of workout I do.

Last night I realized that I could make life even easier on my sleepy self... I have a consistent schedule for my workouts, so if I know in advance what workout I'm going to do in the morning, I can program that in!

So I wrote a new workout shortcut:

I have a shortcut that builds that dictionary in Data Jar to “set my schedule”

That means if I want to tune a particular workout, I just change its shortcut in that Workouts folder… I’ll probably make one for stretching or yoga and just add it, and I can change my schedule!

This means that when I wake up, I hit workout and the app opens, playlist starts, all that jazz.

It's easy.

On mornings when I commit to F3, my phone will automatically remind me to log my workout.

On all other mornings, I hit one button and it does exactly what I want. I'm basically using iOS Shortcuts to do a User Experience style experiment on my morning routine. 💪

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