Hard Travel Case for Corne LP

When I am bored I get on Amazon and look for hard cases that might work for my favorite keyboards. This week… the new Corne LP. While there are people making soft sleeves for keyboards, there's not much in the way of a protective travel case for most keyboards, especially the weird hobbyist ones that I've been using recently.

case closed

This 5" hard case for a GPS is $11 on Amazon, and from the internal dimensions it looked like it'd fit the corne LP and some cables… and it does!

Included in the package is a very short usb-c -> usb-a cable, a short TRRS cable to connect the halves, and the Apple Camera Connection kit so that I can plug this into my phone.1 Since soldering up the Corne, I've learned there are bluetooth chips I could put on it… but I'll just work with this for a while.

phone plugged into split keyboard

  1. You have to reduce the power draw of your keyboard for this to work. You can see my commit here

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