Every December I write a little bit about my year. It's not the whole review... but here's what I can talk about for my internet friends.

I am grateful for the Lord's protection and guidance through the past year. To God be all the glory.

Spiritual Life and Focus

Last year I planned to focus on my spiritual life and career. While I think I made some strides in both, I generally am a little disappointed with my lack of investment in my spiritual life this year. I think my growing commitment to exercise competed too heavily with my quiet time. Lesson learned, his mercies are new each morning, and I get to start afresh.


I'm pleased with progress towards physical goals. I've continued to be faithful in my morning workouts1, I've seen headway in areas that I'm weak, and I had enough left over to participate in some events2, even without specialized training. While I'm definitely carrying more weight than I ought, I am stronger and faster than I have been in a long time.

My diet still is terrible. I lack self control for sweets. On a positive note, I have been drinking a lot more water.

I don't value sleep like I should. Thinking about investing in some blackout curtains at least.

Reading and Writing

I blocked reddit off my phone, and that resulted in a lot more books and blog posts.

I ended up reading 42 books and took and 55,180 words of book notes. (Don't be impressed, there's a lot of kindle highlights in there too.) I wrote 47 blog posts this year… 45% of my total blog posts ever. :-/

I saved 338 annotated links in using my ifttt.com -> dropbox scheme… some of those wound up in the blog posts I made once per month.


A lot is happening very quickly these days. We bought a house this year, I've just started a new job, and we have had lots of little mini family adventures all year long. I could not survive without my incredible wife who makes my every moment wonderful and gives me so much wise counsel.

2020: Clarity

In keeping with both the ideas of the Theme System and Plan Your Year, I'm choosing as my theme for 2020 the word "clarity." Clarity means for me that I know at all times what is most important. I usually let the urgent and small crowd out what is most important in my life… I want to fight against that this year.

  1. 128 hours, 312.7 km, 262 activities.  

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