Quick Tip: Track Workouts Using Shortcuts

In an effort to get better, (and because I like details,) I track my weight, water, and workouts. (Taking suggestions on food/diet!)

I pretty much pipe everything into Apple Health for now… for simplicity I use Strava for all workouts.

Some workout apps like TRX Training have Strava and Apple Health integrations. Others like Brute Force or the volunteer-led F3 group I've been attending don't.

I've been using iOS Shortcuts to make the posting process easier and more parseable if I eventually want to get data out of Strava. It looks something like this.

  1. Ask some questions
  2. Format the response
  3. Copy to clipboard
  4. Open Strava

I'd like to be super fancy and write an action that auto-posts to Strava via their API, but honestly this little action gets me 90% of the way there.

If you don't currently use Strava, or don't want to spread your data around, you could replace the last step by logging the workout to Apple Health or by inserting a row in Airtable or Google Docs.

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