Sarah and me, by Meghan Murphy

New year, new site!

It's been too long guys. I'm sorry I've been away... I've been... busy.

my wedding

It's been a wild ride, but the Lord has been very good, and for some reason I haven't felt the need to post angsty/honest prayers to the world. I spent a couple of years praying for joy... and the Lord provided me the greatest source of joy I have ever known. I love her dearly, and consider myself the most blessed man ever.

I have missed writing though, even though I've written quite a bit just for myself, but each time I sat down to share something I got caught fixing/tweaking my website rather than writing, and eventually got so far down the rabbit hole that my site didn't even build anymore... so I tore it down to the ground and rebuilt it. This is the result.

I've got some code thoughts, some prayers, some random stories and rants brewing in my brain, so hopefully this is a first step to sharing some Phil 4:8 style posts.

I'll likely keep tweaking too... I've learned a lot and I want to try it out on my website, but I figured I'd get the basics up first.

Engagement and wedding images by Meghan Murphy.

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