view from the mountain

His love endures forever!

Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever. (Psalm 136:26 ESV)

My Father, I have always loved this anthem of a Psalm, but today through it I praise you still deeper. Thank you for what you showed me buried in its treasure-trove this morning. I love the list of great works, and have always triumphantly recounted with the psalmist your wonders of old: victory over enemies, freedom from unjust oppression, power over creation's bounds and the rules of physics itself… but for some reason I have missed the whole point of the song. These actions describe You yes, but the psalmist calls us to joyous praise because of a still deeper truth: Your love endures forever! He recounts your works in Israel's history with joy, but to him they are a side note to the work of redemption. Thank you that you love endures, it was conceived, begun, planned in the time before time, it continued, was promised, executed and brought to life in the past, and continues gloriously on into eternity, for Your love has a name and His name is Jesus. Thank you that your love endures… for without it I certainly will not. God you are great. You are truly awesome. Worthy is your name! Hallelujah!

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