golden path


Heavenly Father, thank you for your graciousness in creating our bodies and our souls to mirror each other in some ways... your patterns in creation are like your fingerprint, allowing us foolish men and women to discover your hand in the physical world, and to better understand our spiritual selves. As people we are born, we drink milk, are weaned, mature, eat meat, reproduce... and the same words and concepts you have used for our spiritual lives as well.

When a sailor falls into the icy cold Atlantic, miles from rescue, the water slowly lowers his body temperature to deadly levels. His experience will slide from simple cold, intense shivering, incredible pain, the ironic sensation of burning, numbness... But the moment that he is most in peril of death is a slowly spreading feeling of bliss, that all is well, and he has nothing to fear. The cold floats away, and soon, so will his mind. A similar shutdown occurs to those dying of thirst. The most horrifying moment is when the sufferer no longer feels thirsty. The end is very near.

In my brief life, I have never been at the precipice of death by cold or thirst, but I have found that this is has certainly been true of my foolish soul. The times that I have found that I feel like I don't need to drink of the Word are the moments I am most in peril of spiritual dehydration... and I confess that these moments are far too common.

Heavenly Father... please bring me to your Word. I want to partake daily, hourly, constantly. I know I'm promised that the more I drink, the more I'll feel the thirst for your Truth in a Holy addiction. Keep me from the pride of thinking that I'm doing well and can skip this morning, I know that this is a dangerous time, near to exhaustion. Please draw me near to Yourself, and grant me a sweet time of communion and encouragement. In your Son's precious name I pray, amen.

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