A New Year's Prayer

Jesus, thank you for another new year... it's been a wild season, and I am grateful as I reflect upon what you have accomplished in my life and in my family's lives this year. Thank you for grace and mercy seen and unseen.

Lord, the joy of New Year's Day is quickly invaded by the worries of this life, decisions to be made and lived with, calamities I can't control but fear that I've caused, reputations, relationships, jagged emotions tied to barely remembered mistakes that tear at my heart and demand I surrender myself to their hate.

I honestly don't know fully how to deal with such a thing. I do know for certain that the Lord of all creation is in charge of my life, that You come running to meet me, and that when you look at me you see the righteousness of Christ instead of my sin. I stare up at a bleak sky and instead of an endless unknown void I know that your glory fills all infinity.

Help my heart to know fully that you uphold, propel, restrain all things. My mind gratefully accepts this fact, but my emotions still rage. Teach me how to quiet my heart, to relinquish control, to accept my gentle shepherd's lead rather than constantly surging towards what I think I need. I want to rest beside the still waters this year. Help me to hear your voice and know that you will never leave me nor forsake. Calm my willful soul. In the name of the Prince of Peace, amen.

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