Filling The Void

Abba Father, I feel the failure of one of my idols today. I have placed my hope for this week in some thing or someone other than you, and as it fails to meet my expectations I feel my heart scrounging around for another selfish opiate. I know my foolish heart well… when one thing disappoints it immediately tries to fill that hole with some new shiny toy. I run from my disillusionment to my Amazon wishlist or to another new fulfilling and distracting conversation, trying to fill the void left by the evaporation of a temporary and doomed hope.

Once more, save me from myself. I know that my dissatisfaction with this world and its contents is designed to point me to you. Please continue to break my idols until I embrace you fully, and place all my heart's hope on your power and your absolute and uncompromising love for me. Whom have I in heaven but you. You have said "seek my face." My heart says to you, "Your face Lord, do I seek." May the way that I respond to my disappointment serve to glorify you, rather than draw pity to me.

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