I Surrender All

peaceful lake

Jesus... Thank you for bringing a theme of surrender to my heart again and again. It's one thing to describe you as my Lord, it's another entirely put myself to death. I have been finding my mind constantly gnawing on my fears and worries and putting all my hopes in my feverishly crafted dreams and plans... And this will not do.

I have been convicted of this. My hope is in the you, to bury the bones of my past, to deal with my fears of the present, and to bring me safely into a future more wonderful than my mind can now imagine. All it takes is for me to wrestle my screaming ego to the ground and force it to stop trying. Turns out this surrender is hard work.

Heavenly Father, you know all the issues of my heart, because you made me. You placed some of those desires and plans there, but I have allowed them to be unruly and placed them on the throne of my life. Come conquer, subdue, and redeem them as I confess them one by one, so that I can find daily rest in the fact that the lover of my soul is in command of the cosmos. Be near to me today. In Jesus' peace-giving name, amen.

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