Do You Hear The People Sing?

I recently watched the most recent film version of Les Miserables for the first time. It's a story I already love thanks to the book, but the screen version was powerful on many levels. I wept out of pity, I cried out of anger, but no storyline was more compelling than the beautiful tale of redemption at the end. I cannot think of a more wonderful depiction of "well done, good and faithful servant" in film. While I was tearful through the whole film, my heart was truly touched (as I was in the book) to see Jean Valjean's utter relief and glory in realizing that his sins are nullified and his soul is free to be free from suffering and hate. As he breathed out his last moments… I was overcome with joy that I too have my burden torn away and can enjoy life without the oppression of my sins and misdeeds. Glorious.

Lord Jesus, thank you for this single reminder, and thank you for drawing this eternal hope to my mind in many ways this month. Weddings, the choruses of favorite songs… ("we are not home yet!") they have all pointed to the blessed and never-ending dawn when you wipe away every tear, and we will never again know suffering, loneliness, or damnable temptation. Hallelujah!

Continue to enthrall our souls with the joy that we are holding a guaranteed ticket to the biggest party in history. In the light of that wedding feast, we ought to be able to overlook any slight or suffering. Help us all to let go of our petty and temporary fears and desires so that we can fully embrace this hope, and in so doing spread joy to those around us. Stand near to us and bless us, I pray in your precious and life-giving name, amen.

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