A Prayer for Heart Surgery

Welcome to Narnia

Six months ago I prayed that you would tear out the veil of flesh in my heart, bringing my will, hopes, and dreams all under your control. Now, I find that while you have been good to your promise, I have not. I continually fight to maintain control of my precious toys.

Forgive my willfulness. Continue your work of regeneration, the act of cosmic surgery. It is painful, but the cancer in my heart must be removed.

So come Lord. Bring the scalpel of your truth to my soul and excise all the blackness, all the necrotic desires of my old self. Illuminate my life, show all the places where my deeds of self-worship have diseased my dreams and twisted the structure of the man you want to make. Scrape, sever, sear, and suture every last bit of me away so that only you remain.

Give me the willingness to go under the knife every single morning, and grant me the patience as you put me through spiritual rehab. You are the great Physician, your hand is true and your knowledge of our workings is perfect as our Creator and Father. You knit me together, heart and soul, now unmake me and make me like Christ. I pray in Jesus' precious and powerful name, amen.

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