Open My Eyes

I go on forever.

Open the eyes of my heart Lord. I want to see. To truly see.

I know that if my eyes would truly see I would see the vast legions of angels, like Elijah’s servant. I would also see that their martial array is dwarfed by your might.

I would see your careful artistry planning and outlining every beautiful thing in this world, placing it into place, lighting it just so and giving us a wink as we suddenly catch a moment of absolute beauty in your creation. Thank you for those reminders of your mastery.

I would see into history and see the magnificent tapestry of all that has been and the threads drawing together towards the End of the weaving. I would see each tangled thread struggling for selfish purposes unknowingly and purposefully knit into the skein of time towards your ends, and I would know that your victory and glory is sure.

I would see your compassion and love for us, as you intercede and move on our behalf. I would wince in the brightness of the eternal moment of glory that awaits, away from pain and fear, united with you. A wedding feast of immense proportions, and ever-increasing joy.

So open the eyes of my heart Lord. I would have seep deep into my soul the joy, the trust, the love that you give me. I would it pervade my life so that when the petty brambles of this world seek to entangle I am clear-sighted and able to perceive the way you would have me walk in despite my situation. Take some mud. Clean my eyes. Let the scales drop away and may I behold your face.

If you are interested in the photo, you can read more about how I took it and where on my flickr.

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