What a difference a couple of years makes...

Seven to be precise.

While trolling through my archives… I came on the first real website I ever made for myself, honest to goodness, using a real professional tool: Microsoft Frontpage! (How was I ever so blind!)

my old site

It can be really useful to have retrospectives like this one. They help me realize how far I have come, and how far I have to go. They say that some sharks will drown unless they keep moving forward… I suppose the same is true of learning.

And for those who would like to smile at my youthful web-related endeavors, here are a couple more gems.

  • 2005
    This one is from 2005! Complete with stolen stock photos!
  • turninghearts
    A site I did for my dad’s ministry… notice the state of the art aliased curves there. Classy.
  • bio
    Bonus: a very, very youthful and hopeful Evan.

Pretty amusing stuff. While you are looking around, take a look at my updated work page… it finally includes more than a few kitten pictures.