2013 BABC Holiday Card

Responsive Front End Build, Google Maps API, Email Production, CSS Animation

A challenging and fun project… special shoutout to the incredible work of the designers and project managers at Cayenne Creative.

We were tasked with creating an unique experience… an interactive suitcase full of holiday cheer. Cayenne’s big plans lead to some really fun tech solutions for all the sights and sounds, and a simple responsive solution so that people who opened on their email on their phone was a must.

I am really proud of the work we did here, lots of fun details.

A simple but effective page describes the charitable efforts the firm has been involved in.

A google maps powered page shows off some of the firm’s favorite holiday spots and local things to do.

One of the complex pieces… a markdown powered cookbook complete with page turning animations

While the site is still active, you can see it here.

Credits: Cayenne Creative - http://cayennecreative.com