My Work

Here I have listed a few things that I have worked on over the years. If nothing here interests you, there is always kittens.

I have worked as a freelance software consultant, maybe I can help you.



I mostly shoot for myself, but you can contact me if you like my style. I have done quite a few corporate and informal headshot sessions, some engagement work, and occasionally a wedding. It's a privelege to work with my wife on photos.

You can enjoy my most recent posts to instagram and (my now defunct) flickr.


I used to really like the immediacy of instagram, but I have fallen out of love. I once wrote a bit about my weird workflow.


View more of my photos here!


All of my code can be found here on my github account.

I write mostly web related languages, but I do have a broad range of other hobby languages. To check out some of what I've been up to, you can also look at my linkedin or my coderwall account.

I try to post any clever little tricks to my gist account, so keep an eye on that.

random mentions and posts

And for the things that I can't quite classify anywhere else.