get to know me

Hi, I'm Evan, and I make things on the internet.

I'm a software engineer with a taste for the visual. I'm a UI engineer that uses source control and loves macros. I'm a programmer who likes to write and talk about awesome tools.

For the past few years, I've specialized in bringing together the vision of design and the discipline of engineering into the same creative process.

When I'm not helping you develop and create new products and sites, I'm often found bouldering or wandering around Birmingham, camera in hand.



I'm a UI engineer with a background in software engineering.


Fast, clean, fashionable microsites, like this one. I like to use static site generators to speed up and automate the process.

Application development. Architecture, execution, UX and all.

Educating your team on how best to plan and execute excellent websites, from research to implementation.

key skills

I've been developing in Ruby for around five years. My knowledge of the language helps me as I work on popular frameworks like Rails, Sinatra, and Middleman.
I'll be the first to admit, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of wordpress, but after a half dozen projects I have a grudging respect for the platform. I have tried to bring my software engineering mindset to the system, and this has allowed me to craft useful and thoughtful interfaces for more complex problems, allowing customization for the client while keeping true to the original designer's intent.
I don't just put this here lightly. I believe that well structured, clean html is crucial to a maintainable application. I'm also very familiar with popular HTML generators like HAML and SLIM.
Like HTML, CSS should be well architected and clean. I tend to use a modified SMACSS style of organization, and I am a huge fan of using SCSS to speed up the styling process.
When I say javascript, I don't mean jQuery. I mean clean, readable, usable javascript. I'm slowly getting into client side frameworks these days, I haven't made up my mind as to which to charge after, but I'm itching to find the right project to plug Ember into.
I won't use a project without it. I've done way too much thinking on the subject.

work history

GradesFirst - Software Engineer
November 2013 - Present
Software Engineer and UX Engineer
August 2013 - Present
Building a lot of microsites, small business sites, and special projects primarily for advertising agencies.
Luckie - UI Developer
October 2011 – August 2013 (1 year 11 months)
Building full websites, microsites, facebook pages, emails, working on both front-end and back-end while specializing in front-end work. I specialized in bridging the gap between developers and designers, helping both to understand each other and collaborate towards building beautiful and useful applications.
Infomedia - Developer
May 2007 – October 2011 (4 years 6 months)
I worked on hundreds of websites, providing maintenance for older clients and building new custom applications for new sites.

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