Pomodoro in Hammerspoon

October 02, 2018

pomodoro example

Thanks to the encouragement I got from this video I have been trying to use the pomodoro method. I am afraid I’m a bit of an information addict, so unplugging from my feeds and dedicating time to focus is becoming more and more important.

I haven’t been able to find a simple pomodoro timer that did exactly what I wanted, so I wrote one. Here it is.

Like a normal timer, you can start/stop it, and pause/resume a running timer. Because I typically work in full screen without menubar and dock, invoking the hotkey to show the timer gives you the current remaining time.

The feature I really wanted was to close apps that distract me. In my hammerspoon config I can specify applications that are distractions… the pomodoro script will close these apps on timer start, and open any that were closed when the timer completes or is stopped at any point.

I’d like to go further and change my slack status to away with some API calls, or even block distracting websites via /etc/hosts, but I think I’ll just use this for a while and enjoy it.

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